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Life can sometimes be an uphill battle filled with many emotional twists and turns. It can bring many wonderful moments of love, passion and kindness, but also difficult moments of grief, loss, hardship and regret. Perhaps you find yourself walking the Earth feeling vacant inside, powerless to achieve your dreams and make meaningful connections with the people you love. You may find yourself bumping up against emotional, psychological and spiritual barriers, unable to move past the blocks that have kept you from finding happiness in your relationships, career and personal life. By now you might have sought inspiration from motivational speakers or even tried individual therapy, but still did not find a sense of completeness. You may desperately long to transform from the center of your heart, body, mind and soul, but may not know how to achieve the profound change you’re seeking.

Alternatively, perhaps you are a manager or entrepreneur who wants to learn the art of conflict resolution so that you can improve the workplace dynamic. You may want to undergo the same psychological training that therapists receive in order to learn more about human relationships and become a more effective communicator. Perhaps you’re deeply passionate about becoming the best leader you can be and want to make meaningful changes at work that will not only help your business’s bottom line, but will also help you grow as a person.

Whether you are hoping to flourish in your career or personal life, the Hartford Family Institute’s (HFI’s) Human Relations Training Program can offer you a unique understanding of the mental, emotional and energetic systems of the body, how those systems work either for us or against us, and how to use those systems to achieve growth on multiple levels.

Are You Seeking Fulfillment within Yourself, Your Relationships or Your Career?

Are you a professional who wants to use mindfulness, non-violent communication and conflict resolution in the workplace?

Do you feel adrift in the world, perhaps lacking satisfaction on a psychological, emotional or even spiritual level?

Do you feel powerless to break free from negative patterns in your life, perhaps struggling to excel in your career or repeatedly choosing the wrong partner?

Have you poured through countless self-help books or listened to motivational speakers, but still haven’t made meaningful change in your life?

Has psychotherapy already helped you heal in profound ways, but you now feel stuck and are ready to take the next step?

Do you ardently long to answer spiritually profound questions, but can’t seem to encounter the wisdom that you’re seeking?

Our Approach to Healing

If you feel as though you’re the only person on Earth who feels empty and unfulfilled, you are certainly not alone. As human beings we are constantly engaged in a process of discovering who we are. But like anything complex and beautiful, the human journey can be challenging and confusing at times. As we make our way along the road of life, we may find ourselves unable to move beyond emotional, behavioral and spiritual barriers. These roadblocks can cause us to feel as though we are stuck in life, constantly bumping up against negative behavioral patterns that stop from advancing in our careers, having loving relationships and finding acceptance for ourselves and others. The healing process thus becomes a matter of eliminating these blocks and transforming the psychological, spiritual and physical wounds that lead us toward self-destructive behaviors.

In the Human Relations Training Program, we employ a healing methodology based on HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy. Our modality is informed by indigenous healing practices from around the world, in addition to brain science, quantum physics and the latest research into the subtle energy makeup of everything that exists. At the most essential level, the human mind, body and spirit are made up of sub-atomic particles that constantly interact with a universal energy field. This sub-atomic level is where trauma impacts us most distinctly and where personal transformation needs to take place. Our students learn how heal trauma by reading and utilizing the language of the body. For us, the healing process is a spiritual journey where integration, self-discovery and embodiment take place.


Through HFI’s revolutionary program in human relations, you will begin to understand how the mind, body and spirit interact as you immerse yourself in a holistic healing philosophy. This specialized course of study will also provide you with a strong fundamental understanding of psychology and our special HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy modality.

The Human Relations Training Program comprises three levels of study. Each level consists of 27 Wednesday lectures, one optional five-day residential workshop, and two weekend workshops. You will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of each level and will be awarded a certificate for completing the entire program after graduation. To learn more about program requirements, please see our program format.

At HFI, your personal development means a lot to us. Each week you’ll listen to fascinating lectures about the latest developments in integrative psychotherapy and mind-body healing. You won’t just be reading about self-help techniques – you’ll actually learn the theories driving these techniques, giving you a better understanding of when and why they should be used. Similarly, each week you can look forward to meeting with a supportive group of your classmates and experienced faculty members who have been honing their skills from as far back as 1969. Together you will reflect on the issues each person is grappling with, from a supportive community among peers and begin to untangle the psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds that may be keeping you from becoming full, embodied beings. Collectively, you’ll help each person remove blocks and discover true fulfillment.

At HFI we practice a student-centered approach, acknowledging that each student comes to the classroom with a unique set of beliefs, experiences and goals. At HFI you’ll never feel like a specimen being viewed under the microscope. We encourage students to value their individuality and recognize their unique gifts and strengths. By applying this humanistic philosophy to your life, you can start to interact with coworkers, lovers and family members with greater empathy and compassion, become more aware of your affect and the affect of others and be able to identify how your orientation toward the world affects your human interactions. With the help of these new insights, you can have fewer conflicts with those around you, stop repeating negative patterns in your relationships and achieve a greater sense of acceptance of yourself and others.

Acceptance into the Human Relations Program requires attendance of one of our Intro Workshops or a personal interview. Please complete the Registration form below to attend a free introductory session or contact us to request an application. Applications are accepted August through June, and classes commence in September. If classes have already started, don’t worry. You can still sit in on one of our Wednesday night lectures (please call in advance so we can make accommodations for you). We also offer free monthly introductory workshops during the summer and spring, which can help you get a sense of what we’re all about.

Human Relations Training Program Testimonials

“The Human Relations Program has helped me enormously in both my personal and professional relationships. Some of my closest friends have come from the program and that has been an unexpected but welcome side benefit of this program.”

“I have not participated in any other training program of any kind that has provided me with as much knowledge and practical training in how to work effectively with other people, and help make desired changes in my own life . . . I give this program my endorsement.”

“This program opened the door and made it possible for me to understand myself and others.”

“The Human Relations Program has provided me with vital, loving support for living my life in real connection with other people. It has also helped me come into deeper acceptance of myself, so I can more fully embody my true gifts and sense of self.” – Ann Jones, Massage Therapist

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