Hartford Family Institute’s Training Programs

HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program

For current and burgeoning psychotherapists and healers

The Hartford Family Institute (HFI) offers an exciting and comprehensive training program called HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy for professionals and budding professionals who want to advance their expertise.

If you want to not only heal your clients in a meaningful and fundamental way—down to the level of DNA—but also help them embody healing in the core of their own being, this training is for you. By mastering our approach, you can begin to integrate emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing into your practice and help your clients in a way that will deeply alter and transform their lives. At HFI, you’ll be gaining a unique life experience that is not offered by any other program.

HFI Human Relations Training Program

For individuals and professionals

Whether you are hoping to flourish in your career or personal life, the HFI Human Relations Training Program can offer you a unique understanding of the mental, emotional and energetic systems of the body, how those systems work either for us or against us, and how to use those systems to achieve growth on multiple levels.

Through HFI’s revolutionary program in human relations, you will begin to understand how the mind, body and spirit interact as you immerse yourself in a holistic healing philosophy. We employ a healing methodology based on HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy. Our students learn how heal trauma by reading and utilizing the language of the body. For us, the healing process is a spiritual journey where integration, self-discovery and embodiment take place.