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Love, Safety & Self-Acceptance

Roads Back in Time

This moving memoir encourages us to be kind to both ourselves and the earth inspiring in us the sweet, curious wonder of being alive. Stuart’s writing evokes in us a tender longing. At times it feels like a remembered promise, leaving us wishing to enter the deepest part of ourselves to find our own stories and lay claim to them.

Stuart takes us along as he shares the depths of his own emotional process and evokes the places and people that have been a part of his life. His journey begins in a troubled home in 1940’s Brooklyn and brings us to where he stands today, as an innovative, deeply spiritual psychotherapist and healer

Through his skill as a travel writer, share in Stuart’s memories of the West, and ranching in Wyoming and New Mexico. His study with indigenous shamans, absorbing a Hopi Village’s beauty and magic, and a deeply spiritual drumming circle in the Navajo Nation. We experience the charms of Nantucket Island, as well as the far-flung locales of France and Hawaii.

Stuart’s search for truth and wholeness led him, along with his wife Naomi, to understand the transformation of the dark particles of stored childhood trauma into waves of light. Through their work together, they created a major healing arts center and training institute.

This important work also included the co-creation of an innovative psychotherapeutic modality, anchored in love and acceptance. The model has been taught and practiced in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Stuart is also the author of “What To Do Until Enlightenment, Healing Ourselves…Healing the Earth.”

Roads Back in Time

What People Are Saying

What’s written in this book has been both personally healing and professionally empowering. It truly has been a gift of life for me! I have experienced such a depth of understanding and healing of my past, I have more of myself in the present and have seen myself craft my future with more clarity, heart and power. The therapeutic techniques, the emphasis on personal growth and development of the therapist, and the maps of healing the body and psyche make Stuart’s book powerful and filled with integrity. His work not only heals the body and psyche but touches the soul!

–Dan Leven RSMT, Director of Leven Institute of Movement Therapy

Stuart’s wisdom and insight on human need, motivation and character formation are profound and extraordinary. With intellect and intuition, he senses both the unique and universal in his clients and students. With humility and often wry humor, he offers undivided presence and heart connection as a bridge to transformation, empowerment and greater aliveness. After working and studying with Stuart for fifteen years, I am still learning deeply from him.”

No hype. Just the facts…

–David Hadden

Stuart Alpert is what I call a “master” at what he does. This only comes with the years of experience and personal growth work that he has done on himself. I see Stuart as being like Merlin the magician, not that therapy is magic, but simply that his integration of all the body of knowledge that he has acquired is very deep. As a therapist and trainer, Stuart holds people’s process with the utmost respect and kindness. He sees through intense resistance with a profound love that allow the person to not feel threatened ; trust in the process and most predominantly in themselves and the deeper wisdom of their own heart and knowing.

–Chantal Leven

Stuart Alpert, PsyD, LCSWAs a psychotherapist with over 40 years’ experience, I still feel young at heart, alive and excited by my work, as well as my desire to grow both personally and professionally. Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to cofound the Hartford Family Institute’s Center for Healing Arts. I have also been involved in the co-development of HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy. I truly care about people and bring that compassion to each therapy session. I have a strong belief in people’s ability to heal themselves, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In addition to Roads Back in Time, I am the author of What to Do Until Enlightenment: Healing Ourselves…Healing the Earth.