Dori Gatter

Dori L. Gatter, Psy.D., LPC

Dori is a licensed professional counselor and a practicing therapist since 1994. She is a graduate of the Hartford Family Institute Body-Centered Gestalt Therapy Training Program and is Co-Director and a trainer in the Human Relations Training Program.

Dori brings extensive experience working with individuals, couples, children and families. Dori works with people in a therapeutic approach that provides a way for people to embody their emotions and truly work with the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of their issues, leading to fulfilling relationships and more satisfying lives.

As each individual is unique, so should be the treatment. Dori is trained in a broad spectrum of therapies with include but are not limited to: Body-Centered Gestalt Therapy, Hypnosis and Reiki. Currently, she specializes in working with anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, family of origin issues, trauma resolution, parenting, and life coaching. For more information please check out her website at