Independent Practitioner

Claudia Pina

Rondelle Fischmann, PT, NHA, ECDCS

Soul Wisdom Bodywork for Whole-Being Health

We are organic beings who are designed to move fluidly and freely. Physical, emotional and spiritual traumas are inevitably part of our personal history, and are ultimately stored in our bodies. Until we bring awareness to where these traumas have left imprints, and utilize bodywork to release them from our tissues, they are capable of accumulating into patterns of tension and misalignment in our systems.

I use a Manual Therapy approach- a multifaceted, holistic body of work that incorporates use of a variety of gentle hands-on techniques (such as Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupressure) to assist the body back into a state of balance or homeostasis. I work with your goals and intentions for healing, and utilize techniques most suited to your individual needs (including guided imagery and process work). I believe in accessing your own Soul’s Wisdom to guide the work and to assist you toward lasting and transformative healing.

Dementia Care Specialist 

In addition to providing bodywork, I am also a Certified Dementia Care Specialist. My mission is to support and educate anyone tending to a loved one with Dementia. I provide educational support groups, staff/family/volunteer training, lecture series presentations, community outreach, individualized training sessions and in-home assessments. My goal is to help caregivers feel equipped and empowered, and to transform their dynamic from “surviving” to “thriving!”

Each independent practitioner is a sole proprietor of their own private practice. There is no supervisory connection between the Partners, Associates and the Independent Practitioners.