Independent Practitioner

Elizabeth Kincaid-Ehlers

Elizabeth likes to work with people who are interested in being fully present in their own lives, or who were before something happened. She likes to help people make sense of themselves, and become both responsive to and responsible for their lives. She experiments with treatment approaches and will use anything that works. As she listens to personal stories, she pays attention to the language of the telling that might help individuals hear and understand themselves. Together you can begin to figure out where your plots veered out of order so that you might now choose different directions and live toward different endings.

Over the years Elizabeth has attracted creative and/or sensitive individuals, young and old, male and female. Her practice includes, but is not limited to, teachers, writers, singers and other musicians, actors and gifted adolescents. Her life has been greatly enriched by doing this work. She feels passionate about helping people come fully into the present and being there with them. In this way she can help people discover what binds them to the past or what causes them to obsess about the future, keeping them from being fully alive in the life they are living now

Elizabeth was born in Michigan and has lived in Georgia, Northeastern New York State, Ohio, Italy, Illinois, Western New York State and England, and has settled in Connecticut. She has also traveled around this country and Canada, missing only two provinces and one state. She taught at the University of Illinois, Rochester Institute of Technology, The University of Rochester and The Eastman School of Music before coming East as a visiting writer-in-residence at Trinity College. While retraining in order to practice psychotherapy, she taught at the West Hartford Branch of the University of Connecticut, served in the Writer-in-the-Schools project, and waited tables at Timothy’s Restaurant on Zion Street. In earlier days, she cut stencils and cranked the mimeograph machine for the Cathedral of St. Philip in Buckhead, Ga.; wrote newspaper columns and worked as printer’s devil for the Buckhead newspaper; sold movie tickets and bargain basement shoes, typed forms for the Georgia Department of Education one whole long, hot summer; answered “Dear Davison’s” letters and calls for an Atlanta department store (now a Macy’s branch); lived-in as mother’s help to a big, young family to pay college room-and-board; wore hats as Women’s Editor for the now vanished Troy Record; and tried managing the Alumni Office at Oberlin College in Ohio.

For a long time Elizabeth was married, working, raising children and going to school. Then she became divorced, and worked, raised children and went to school. She earned a B.A. from the University of Michigan; an M.A. from the University of Illinois; a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester; countless post-graduate hours from other institutions; certificates from Hartford Family Institute and the International Institute for Visualization Research and a license as an M.F.T. She has four grown sons and seven grandchildren. “Lucky for me, some of them live nearby.”

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