Independent Practitioner

George Herrick

George Herrick

Life Coach, Recovery Coach, Shamanic Coach, Personal Growth Consultant

Over the last 20 years, it has been George’s privilege and pleasure to help countless people to bring out the very best in themselves. His mission is that anyone who wants a better life should be able to have the opportunity to receive the guidance they need to achieve it. He has been blessed with great teachers, healers and support in his life, and his work is to pass on the gifts he has received from them.

Life Coaching is a relationship of partnership and collaboration. You define your goals or dreams, examine your options, make your decisions, and take action; George provides a foundation of accountability, strategies and skills, fresh perspective and on-going support to help you achieve or exceed the results you desire. He takes a holistic approach to coaching, understanding that what is experienced in one area of life has an impact on every area of life.

Recovery Coaching helps you release the bonds of addiction, self-defeating habits, codependency and self-limiting beliefs so you can have a satisfying, successful and fulfilling life. George uses the coaching process described above, combined with various recovery models that can help each person grow in the way most suited to him or her. Among those models are 12-step, cognitive behavioral skills, rational-emotive behavioral skills, dialectic behavior skills and body-centered gestalt therapy. He has over ten years of experience working in substance abuse treatment centers with clients and their families.

Shamanic Coaching is an energy-centered, holistic process that works to heal the wounds that limit the free flow of the life force. George studied and apprenticed in the U.S., Peru and Bolivia, gaining expertise in a wide variety of shamanic practices. Certified in level II Reiki, and experienced in chakra energy work and other healing processes, he brings an eclectic blend to the traditional roots found in this oldest of healing practices.

“You have all the potential for success and satisfaction you need already inside of you; my job is to help you identify, transform and resolve the obstacles and limiting beliefs that can get in the way.”

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