Independent Practitioner

Beverley Blass

Beverley Blass

I’m Beverley Blass, I’m a healthy lifestyle coach. I work with health-conscious individuals who are seeking a mind/body/spirit path of wholeness, but constantly feel as if they’re missing some of the pieces and aren’t sure how to put it all together. I’ve been in the holistic field for 37 years, working with everyone from celebrities to people like you and me. I’m for you if you’ve tried every healthy diet going (but none of them seem to stick), every type of therapy (and then some), but the benefits always seem to evaporate. I am a graduate of HFI’s Professional Psychotherapy Training Program. I now offer all of my services, including coaching in Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Plant-Based Nutrition, Colon Hydrotherapy, and Energy Healing, at my office at Hartford Family Institute. Working together, I empower you to see the bigger picture – the deeper real truths across all of your being that have eluded you so far, so you can stop searching and finally feel comfortable in your body AND your life.

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Chronic Anger

Conflict Resolution



HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Holistic Health & Plant-Based Nutrition

Physical pain & illness


Colon Hydrotherapy

Energy Healing

Each independent practitioner is a sole proprietor of their own private practice. There is no supervisory connection between the Partners, Associates and the Independent Practitioners.