Independent Practitioner

Beverley Blass

Beverley Blass

Beverley Blass has been working in Alternative Health for over 35 years, opening her own center in NYC in 1984, and adding a center in West Hartford, CT in 2004. She is a graduate of HFI’s Professional Training Program in Body-Centered Psychotherapy and now offers services of her own there. Her field of experience includes working with the brain, the heart and the gut. Beverley has studied Body Guided Imagery with Dr. Gayle Peterson, and extensive work with colon hydrotherapy, massage therapy, energy work, herbology, nutrition, and holistic pre- & post-partum care. She continues to explore consciousness by continuing to develop her own intuition and staying open to all that is possible within. Throughout her career, she has been a mentor, guide and therapist to people in all walks of life both in the United States and abroad. Beverley is here to listen deeply and help guide you to live a healthier and more mindful life.

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Chronic Anger

Conflict Resolution


Energy Work


HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Holistic Health & Nutrition


Insect Issues

Life coaching & life change

Personal Growth

Physical pain & illness


Each independent practitioner is a sole proprietor of their own private practice. There is no supervisory connection between the Partners, Associates and the Independent Practitioners.