Human Relations Training Program - A Program for Life

Change your life forever

Seeking change within yourself, your professional life, your relationships?

Your life experiences impact who you are, how you are, the friendships and relationships you have, the work you do, and your success in life. Learning the effects of this can profoundly influence how you experience life. This program provides an unparalleled understanding of human dynamics.

Learn How To:

  • Work with less effort and more satisfaction
  • Improve relationships through Conflict Resolution
  • Make changes in your career, health and finances
  • Develop tools for transformation
  • Access your Core Wisdom
  • Learn why self-exploration is essential to joyful living

This Program Will Help You:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Clear old patterns and beliefs
  • Learn self acceptance
  • Learn to deeply understand yourself and others
  • Clear blocks to aliveness
  • Listen & trust your intuition
  • Find meaning and purpose in your life

Presented by:
Donna Berman, Ph.D.
David Gilroy, Psy.D., LPC
Donna R. Baker-Gilroy, Psy.D.,LPC.

Hartford Family Institute’s Center for Healing Arts
17 South Highland Street, West Hartford, CT 06119

Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 6:30 PM

Free, registration required

To register:
860.236.6009 x100


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