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The Hartford Family Institute (HFI) offers an exciting and comprehensive training program in called HFI Body-Centered-Psychotherapy for professionals and budding professionals who want to advance their expertise as psychotherapists or energy healers. We’ve been providing HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training throughout North America and Europe for over 30 years. We look forward to working with each new student who walks through our doors, whether they’re just starting out in their career or are an established psychotherapist or healer already working in the field.

Students who come to our program are looking for something more. They want to experience thorough and rigorous study in the fundamentals of mind-body psychotherapy, but also want to grow personally and spiritually. For us, the classroom is more than just an anonymous lecture hall. It’s a site of transformation and a place where a community of healers can grow and the bond of lifelong friendships can be made. Our students strive toward being the best psycho- therapist or healers they can be, inside and out. If you want to not only heal your clients in a meaningful and fundamental way—down to the level of DNA—but also help them embody healing in the core of their own being, this training is for you. Our students know that true expertise can only be found through the knowledge of experience. At HFI, you’ll be gaining a unique life experience that is not offered by any other program.

Our Approach to Healing

Drawing from our groundbreaking work, HFI is a leader in mind-body psychotherapy. Our HFI Body- Centered Psychotherapy Training Program  is designed to give students a strong foundation in the intricacies of working with all emotional and physical issues, all with a soulful and humanistic approach.

The science of our body-entered psychotherapy is grounded in the observations made in quantum physics, the latest in brain research and advanced biological understanding about the subtle energy makeup of everything that exists, including human thought and emotion. At the most fundamental level, the human mind and body consist of pulsating energy, constantly interacting within a vast universal energy field. It is at this sub-atomic level that abuse and trauma impacts us most profoundly, and it is at this level that healing needs to take place. We teach our students how to draw out and heal emotional and physical issues by listening to the wisdom of the body. The soul of our therapy views the therapeutic process as a shamanic journey toward integration, balance and harmony. Our approach is holistic in nature. It enables the client to connect with the mind, body and spirit so that healing can be achieved on a multidimensional level.

If you want to learn more about a mind-body approach to healing and/or enhance your credentials and gain the life experience necessary to establish credibility and rapport with your clients, HFI’s Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program is right for you. By mastering our approach, you can begin to integrate emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing into your practice and help your clients in a way that will deeply alter and transform their lives.

What Will I Learn in the HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program?

In our training program you will be provided with a road map for understanding how the mind, body and spirit interact and will learn a healing methodology that treats emotional trauma and physical pain and illness holistically. You will gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of our psychotherapy by investigating anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues, working with trauma and more. In addition, you will be immersed into HFI’s special brand of  Body-Centered Psychotherapy.

There are three levels of study for students enrolled in the HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program. At the end of each level, you will receive a certificate of completion. Once completing the third level, you will be awarded a graduation certificate as Master Therapist or Master Healer.

How Will HFI’s Training in Body-Centered Psychotherapy Help Me?

You will experience a community-centered, individualized course of study you won’t find anywhere else. Our students don’t sit through impersonal lectures or take examinations. Rather, we practice a student-centered form of education. In addition to engaging in presentations on the most important developments in mind-body therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your skills as a therapist. By delving into our student-centered approach, you can move beyond textbook knowledge and embody the presentations, acquiring the concrete, practical skills you’ll need while interacting with clients. At HFI you’ll be acquiring more than just an education. You’ll also be gaining a community. Many of our students forge lifelong friendships at HFI and go on to collaborate with peers to create their own successful practices.

As therapists and healers, we treat our students as individuals, not as numbers or nameless faces. You’ll regularly meet with faculty, receive personalized evaluations and have the opportunity to discuss your growth with experienced healers who have been practicing since 1976. In addition to growing as a therapist and healer, you will also grow as a person. Our faculty will help you work through your healing and growth process, giving you time to reflect on the issues you struggle with both in and out of the therapist’s office.

With HFI’s training in hand, you can adopt a modality that takes into account the heart, mind and body of both the client and the therapist. As a healer, you can help your clients let go of negative thoughts, emotions and perceptions. You can help them reconnect with their inner wisdom and sprit. By using HFI’s pioneering techniques, it’s possible for you and your clients to stop fighting the war within and live a life full of acceptance, peace, love and compassion.

Although you’re ready to become the best healer you can be, you still may have questions or concerns about the training process…

Although mastery in any field requires patience, discipline and meaningful engagement, the rewards of becoming a competent therapist who understands the intricacies of emotional and physical processes and has a road map for transformation are deeply satisfying. Keep in mind that excellence in any profession doesn’t happen overnight; mastery in your field will require time, patience, discipline and meaningful engagement. As you journey toward mastery, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in mutual evaluations with faculty at the end of each year. You’ll be able to discuss your progress for the past year, plans for the coming year and any worries, fears and frustrations you have about the learning process.

How do I apply to the HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program?

We hope you’ll think of your education with us as an investment into both your and your clients’ future. To apply to our psychotherapy training program, please download our application. Classes begin in September, so you’ll want to apply in advance as spots fill up quickly. If September has already passed, feel free to attend one of our Wednesday night lectures (but please call beforehand so we know you’re coming). We also offer a free 4-hour introductory workshop once a month during the spring and summer, which is a great way to get a sense of our modality. For more information, please call 860-236-6009 or email us at info@hartfordfamilyinstitute.com . We look forward to hearing from you!


HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program


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HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program


Hartford Family Institute – Professional Training Program Manual

An Integration of Cutting Edge Science with a Humanistic/Shamanic Approach to Understanding and Healing Trauma

Hartford Family Institute offers an exciting, comprehensive training program in Body-Centered Psychotherapy for professionals. This program presents the leading edge of psychotherapy and healing, and provides a means to becoming the best therapist/healer you can be. The psychotherapy training gives each student a strong foundation in the intricacies of working with trauma, with a soulful and humanistic approach. We have provided this training for over 30 years, to professionals throughout North America and Europe.

HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program Format


  • 27 Wednesday evenings that combine didactic and experiential learning
  • Practicing the therapy in a small group format
  • Introductory Weekend Workshop
  • Two topic based weekend workshops
  • Five-day Spring Intensive


The Program consists of three levels of training. Because they build upon each other in advancing the depth of students’ knowledge and experience, they must be taken in order.

Level I

Understanding Trauma, The Transformational Process, Personal Integration, Character Structure, and Working With Victimizing Energies

Level I is usually a two-year program that introduces the student to HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and helps the student integrate this process. A certificate of completion as a Level I Practitioner will be awarded at the end of the two-year program. Students must meet the following Objectives in order to be eligible for Level II.


Students will:

  • Acquire a basic knowledge of the principles and methodology of HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy including understanding the relevance of the layers of the personality, inner child work and mindfulness, spirituality and psychotherapy.
  • Be introduced to the basics of body process and Character Structure
  • Understand and learn to work with all forms of negativity and resistance.
  • Take their next step into personal power and the embodiment of their experiences.
  • Uncover and work through their blocks to excellence as therapists.
  • Work with each other in discovering and utilizing their innate wisdom and creativity.
  • Will discuss relevant clinical issues to deepen the student’s understanding of the therapeutic process
  • Engage in a process of increasing consciousness

Level II

Understanding Body Process, Working with Subtle Energies, Structures of Destruction, Five Keys to Excellence and Advanced Work with Negativity

Level II is a two-year program that deepens and advances the work of Level I in the HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy.  A certificate of completion as a Level II Practitioner will be awarded at the end of the two-year program. Students must meet the following Objectives in order be considered for Level III.


Students will:

  • Understand the Energetic and Emotional Roots of Physical Pain & Illness
  • Learn the creation of and how to work with Narcissism, Borderline, Schizophrenia and Depression
  • Continue working on their integration of process.
  • Develop (or deepen) and work with their own creative style.
  • Integrate spirituality, soul work and imagery with psychotherapy.
  • Study dreams from a psychotherapeutic and spiritual framework.
  • Understand how to deal with counter-transference issues, such as pressure, over-protectiveness, fear, anger and sexual attraction as therapist/healer.
  • Learn a unique form of conflict resolution for couples.
  • Learn how to heal sexual abuse trauma.
  • Learn the origins of addictions and how to heal them.

Level III

Advanced Studies in Trauma and Energy Healing and Refining the Personal Integrative Process
Level III deepens and advances the work of Levels I and II, bringing students to the level of Master Therapist or Master Healer. A graduation certificate will be awarded to students who complete Level III of the program. Students must meet the following Objectives in order to graduate.


Students will:

  • Learn advanced principles of the emotional and energetic origins of illness and the pathways to healing.
  • Understand how the brain functions and how to clear brain disturbances such as post traumatic stress and thought disorders.
  • Learn how to use soul retrieval as a way to bring the spirit back into the body to heal dissociation, depression and anxiety.
  • Discover the origins of eating disorders and how to work through the underlying trauma.
  • Learn what in-utero bonding has to do with the origin of psychosis as well as the basis of auto-immune disease and how to heal these physical, emotional and spiritual wounds.
  • Learn more about how to heal all forms of addictions.

Weekend Workshops and Spring Intensive

Matriculating students are required to choose two Elective Workshops each year plus attend the residential, five-day Spring Intensive. The following is an example of one year’s Elective Workshop offerings. One note about the Spring Intensive is that this workshop deepens the experience and understanding of our work as well as creating a rich experience of community for all students.

The Impact of Mindfulness on Healing Trauma
The practice of mindfulness helps us develop and deepen a peaceful space of awareness where we can observe and welcome our moment to moment responses. These responses serve as our sense of direction in the work with clients in order to:

  • Create a mindful practice where you can observe and welcome your moment to moment responses
  • Maintain balance in the face of your client’s imbalance
  • Teach your clients mindfulness as a way to maintain center and ground
  • Give yourself and your clients a second chance at healthy attachment

Applying Indigenous Healing Practices in the Modern World
We live in a culture where we are strongly conditioned to stay busy, work hard and improve ourselves. This workshop is an invitation, in these challenging times, to come and BE with others who long to rest into a deep inner quiet, listen with ears of their Heart, and be informed by the intelligence of Love. Our time together will include meditation, walking the labyrinth, exploring the West Gate on the Sacred Wheel, journaling, creating prayers, listening to spirit, and being on the land. Also included are lectures on how our negativity and our childhood trauma affect our connection to inner peace.

The Emotional & Energetic Roots of Physical Pain and Illness…The Pathways to Healing   
Our life struggles include our illnesses and all of our aches and pains. In our culture, the most common view is that we “get” a disease or illness, as if it happened to us as some sort of accidental, bad luck. We tend to say “I got arthritis” or “I got tinnitus,” or “I’ve developed a pain in my neck.”  This idea feeds the belief that we have no control and are a victim of whatever pain or illness happens to strike. The opposite extreme purports that we have created our own health problems, so we should be able, if we were aligned enough, to “un-create them.” This latter concept can lead to self-blame and guilt. These feelings can be counterproductive, creating even more stress. In truth, we are not to blame for the symptoms and illnesses we develop, nor are the symptoms accidental. In this workshop we will:

  • Explore abusive childhood bonding and its impact on DNA and the development of tension, pain and illness
  • Learn how to work with clients to positively impact their physical symptoms.

Healing through Native American Imagery
Throughout history, art, dreams, myths, and legends have intimately connected animals and humans. In this workshop we will invite an image of an animal to appear from each Chakra.  With their special gentle humor, unexpected directness and startling wisdom these animals may guide us on crucial next steps for healing and moving forward. The workshop is experiential. There will be an opportunity to share journeys (if you choose) and discuss the parallels between this work and what you are learning from the theories of  HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy. The ability to image and a fondness of animals is neither necessary nor required for the weekend! Working with animal imagery will:

  • Build a pathway to higher consciousness
  • Learn to trust your own inner wisdom
  • Create supportive connections with other participants for your own healing

Bonding and Attachment…The Foundation of Healing
The bonding we received as children is the basis for how we attach and form relationships as adults.  This workshop will help us understand the general nature of bonding and the specific bonding that you received that impacts every aspect of your life. Through discussion and experiential work participants will:

  • Learn to appreciate the impact of your early childhood bond on their lives
  • Release old negative bonding
  • Create the kind of bonding that supports aliveness, compassion and faith
  • Understanding that positive bonding is essential in developing compassion for  clients

Conflict Resolution for Couples…A Buddhist Perspective
Conflict is an inherent and necessary part of all relationships.  We will explore a Zen Buddhist approach to working through and growing from these conflicts.  This process was developed by Thich Nhat Hanh and the monks and nuns at Plum Village in France. Participants will:

  • Practice creating peace between spouses, partners, friends, relatives, co-workers, and groups
  • Learn the difference between blame and responsibility
  • Learn how to integrate this approach in conjunction with what you are learning about embodied healing.

Somatic Expressive Therapy 
One of the beauties of HFI’s Body-Centered Psychotherapy is its capacity to use language and non verbal means of processing as a powerful way for the therapist to reach the client and the client to explore and express the truth of what they feel.  Somatic Expressive Therapy helps people access the wounds and blocks that lives within our body-mind and move limitation towards freedom and painful or difficult emotions toward acceptance and transformation.  In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn unique, non-verbal means of processing developed as a part of Somatic Expressive Therapy.
  • Experience an integration of mindfulness with the intuitive vehicle of the expressive arts as a way to open yourself up to the truth of what you feel.
  • Experience a primary way of knowing your experience that is pre-verbal, that involves imagery, movement, sound and eventually words

Starting a Private Practice…Marketing…Ethics:
This workshop will help you identify personal blocks that are in the way of creating success in your business and:

  • Learn how to create and build a practice
  • Gain name recognition
  • Navigate internet marketing
  • Become familiar with the art of social networking
  • Learn how to develop the skills you need to become recognized as an expert in your field
  • Understand the ethics of your profession

The therapy has grown and expanded as new discoveries and information become known. We maintain a strong commitment to presenting state-of-the-art (and we believe, “state-of-the-heart”) didactic and experiential experiences for our students. We invite you to call us at 860-236-6009 to speak directly with one of our trainers.

The Science and Soul of Psychotherapy

The science of our psychotherapy is founded in the discoveries by quantum physicists about the subtle energy makeup of everything that exists, including human thought and emotion. At our most fundamental level, the human mind and body consists of pulsating energy, constantly interacting within a vast universal energy field. It is at the sub-atomic, subtle level that trauma impacts us most profoundly, and it is at that level that healing needs to take place. The process of our therapy works within this world of pulsating waves and frequencies and allows healing to take place at the level of physical and emotional DNA.

The soul of our psychotherapy lies in the way our work deals with the life force, our core essence beyond the intellect. The soul is the spark of divine consciousness that lives in each of us. It is the essence of each being that continues beyond lifetimes. The soul of this psychotherapy is the energy in each session that is beyond words, beyond intellectual knowing, where spirit brings messages of what is necessary for both client and therapist to move toward wholeness, toward enlightenment. It is the job of the therapist and client to decode and embody the messages from spirit so that we can understand that every negative experience in our bodies is Spirit’s way of uncovering unfinished trauma in an orderly fashion so that we can heal. The therapeutic process is a shamanic journey toward integration, balance and harmony. Our approach enables the client to connect mind, body and spirit so that healing can be achieved on a multidimensional level.

HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program Testimonials

“Through the HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training Program I have felt profoundly supported and gently encouraged toward my next steps of growth and power as a therapist.” – Kimberly Prats, Movement Therapist

“Hartford Family Institute’s Human Relations Program is nothing less than life changing. I am a more fully alive person for having gone through this program.” – Rabbi Donna Berman, Ph.D.

“Having been in therapy much of my adult life, when I began at Hartford Family Institute I no longer suffered the pain of self-hatred, but I felt I was dying as a therapist. My training in the training program has profoundly enriched my life and completely transformed my work with my clients.” – Joan Copperman, Ph.D

“Having researched and studied many healing modalities for more than three decades, the deep and thorough emotional healing I’ve experienced, and the therapeutic skills I’ve acquired at HFI are simply incomparable.” – Liam Watt

“The level of personal and professional growth gained from HFI, during these past four years, has enabled me to be a more proficient psychotherapist. I understand my process more clearly as well as my client’s process, thus, it is a win-win situation.” – Naomi S. Lufkin, MA, LPC, NCC

“My training experience at HFI has been a gift to myself and to my clients. As a result of the training, I can offer what I have learned, what I see, what I feel and what I am trying to understand to them in a way that supports their growth and aliveness—and my own.” – Cynthia Epstein, LCSW, New York City

“I joined the HFI training program because a friend of mine told me she was part of an incredibly supportive community. I stay in the program because I see that what we are learning works. Not only trainees, but trainers too, can be observed to be growing, becoming more alive, having old wounds healed.” – Melissa Bolstrom, Enrolled in Master’s Counseling Program, Newport, RI

“This training has been both personally healing and professionally empowering. It truly has been a gift of life for me! I have experienced such a depthful understanding and healing of my past, that I have more of myself in the present and have seen myself craft my future with more clarity, heart and power. The therapeutic techniques, the emphasis on personal growth, the development of the therapist, and the maps of healing the body and psyche that are taught in this program make this work powerful and filled with integrity. This work not only heals the body and psyche but touches the soul!

As a director of my own movement therapy training program I have integrated Subtle Energy Psychotherapy into my trainings. It is a core aspect of my curriculum because it is fundamental in integrating the mind and body and healing the trauma that is stored there.”- Lenox, Mass., Director of Leven Institute of Movement Therapy

“Having experienced many different therapies, I feel fortunate to have found the Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing as practiced at HFI. This therapy guided me to emotional transformation and spiritual healing that was rooted in my body. Now I feel more connected to the ground, to my mind and to my soul.” – Jeffery Glotz, Counselor

“All of the practitioners at HFI’s Center for Healing Arts have a comittment to healing that comes from an integration of knowledge, wisdom and heart. As a result, I feel like I have finally come home to myself” – Joyce Cummings

Professional Training Program Trainers

All of our trainers have participated in many years of personal growth and training themselves. They have a thorough grounding in HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy. Each trainer also brings his or her own creativity and unique talents and skills to the training program.

Trainers and Elective Workshop Leaders

Stuart Alpert, Psy. D., LCSW
Naomi Lubin-Alpert, Psy. D., LMFT
Donna Baker-Gilroy, Psy. D., LPC
David Gilroy, Psy. D., LPC
Dan Leven, RCMT
Dorothy Mason, LPC
Denise Soucie, LPC
Margaret Vasington, LPC

Professional Training Program Contract and Application are available for download below.

* Please note: Acceptance into the program requires a personal interview or attendance at one of our Intro Workshops. Please call for details 860-236-6009 or email us

Download the Application
Download the Contract
Download the Schedule

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One part of the HFI Body Centered Psychotherapy Training Program is 27 Wednesday evening presentations (from September to April) that are didactic and experiential in nature. Anyone interested in getting a "taste" of our program is welcome to attend one of these presentations. Call HFI at 860-236-6009 to let us know you would like to attend.


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