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You’re Invited!

Attend a FREE Wednesday evening seminar to learn more about our training programs! Visit any time between September and May ~ 6:00-7:30 p.m. ~ pre-registration is required ~ Professional Training Program Body Centered Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing HFI offers an exciting, comprehensive training program in In-Depth Body Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing for Psychotherapists [...]

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Hartford Family Institute in West Hartford Life

Hartford Family Institute for the Healing Arts celebrates 40 years of comprehensive, cutting-edge therapy. by Tracey Weiss “We have been here for so many years and people know us, but so many don’t. We want to get the word out to the community.” That, said Dr. Stuart Alpert, is truly a conundrum for the Hartford [...]

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You're Invited! - Attend an actual training class at no cost in any of our programs!

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One part of the HFI Body Centered Psychotherapy Training Program is 27 Wednesday evening presentations (from September to April) that are didactic and experiential in nature. Anyone interested in getting a "taste" of our program is welcome to attend one of these presentations. Call HFI at 860-236-6009 to let us know you would like to attend.
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