Imagine starting your day feeling motivated, connected to yourself and to the world. Are you seeking growth within yourself, in your professional life, or in your relationships? Do you want an unparalleled understanding of why you live the way you live? How would it feel to be safe and fully in support of yourself or to understand why you are working against yourself, both individually and in relationship to others? We work with all physical, emotional and relationships issues. We are committed to guiding people to the center of their experiences, helping participants feel more balanced, clear and alive. We bring our own unique theories about emotional and body process and our understanding of the molecular structure of emotional issues and physical illness. We bring the understanding we’ve gained from many years of practicing and teaching psychotherapy, from our own growth process, and from our work with Native Healers and mindfulness practitioners. People from all walks of life are welcome to attend the workshop. Therapists and healers who attend will also gain a deeper understanding of the transformational process for their clients.

Stuart Alpert Psy.D., LCSW and Naomi Lubin-Alpert Psy.D., LMFT

Where: Drury Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dates:  July 28 – August 3

Cost: Double Occupancy – $1,495

Single Occupancy – $1,950

Stuart and Naomi are two of the founding partners of Hartford Family Institute’s Center for Healing Arts and the co-creators of In-Depth Body Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing. The therapy is practiced and taught in West Hartford, CT., Kansas City, MO., and New York City. They have led workshops and training programs throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. In addition, Stuart has authored, What To Do Until Enlightenment, Healing Ourselves…Healing The Earth that is available at HFI in Connecticut or on the HFI website. He is currently writing a second book entitled The Road that Leads Back in Time.